Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Breaks in Spain

With the prices of air tickets being slashed like never before, a lot of people have started showing interests in traveling to the other sides of the shore. To cash up on this craze of the people many air transportation companies have tied up with travel agents. In today's times booking a flight ticket and planning an itinerary has become a matter of few minutes. Spain is one among the list of most preferred countries for millions of travelers. For holidaying in Spain people come from different places and it is not surprising that the country's tourism has gone on to become the second biggest in the world.

This famous city is found placed in between the rivers of Llobregat and Besos along the Mediterranean coast. Fondly called as Spain's major global city, Barcelona is home to various art exhibitions, entertainment arenas and sport stadiums. The ports in Barcelona serve as a transit point for people who want to enter the European continent. Barcelona is a shopper's delight as there are umpteen streets that are filled with extravagant showrooms and malls. Staying in a holiday resort is proven to be a much better option for the visitors who flock into this beautiful city. Also, do not forget to make use of the luxurious spa in these eco resorts.

Madrid is the best place to spend time in your leisure trip. It is not only the capital city of Spain but also the largest one. Madrid is also a place that has a rich historical and political significance. The capital city is filled with natural beauty and some important landmarks of the history. It boasts a cooler winter and warmer summer sort of climatic conditions. There is no shortage of luxury hotels in Spain which are famous for their food and accommodation. Moreover, by staying here you can enjoy having a view of exotic beaches. Honeymoon package in Spain is the first thing which travel agencies suggest to their couples.

This magical city is situated in the Southern part of Spain along the coast of river Guadalquivir. Seville has some striking structures that signify Andalusia architecture. These buildings serve as an unchallenged asset of arts and cultural glory of Spain. The lip smacking cuisine which is served in the hotels of Seville are known to be world famous. These sophisticated hotels are equally famous for their night life activities and recreational activities as well.